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Name Gilhooly, David
Dates & places of birth and death Born: 1943, Auburn, (California), United States
Died: 2013, Newport, (Oregon), United States
Nationality American, born Canada (Northwest: Oregon)
Biography David Gilhooly was born in Auburn, California, in 1943 and received his BA and MA degrees from the University of California at Davis, where he studied with and was influenced by the late Robert Arneson. Together, they defined West Coast ceramics in the 1970s and early 1980s. Over the years, Gilhooly taught in California and Canada and spent the last two decades living and working in Oregon.

Associated Records

2000.004.001 - Gilhooly, David

Black and white print, figure of sitting dog, composed of hot dogs.

Image of 2000.004.002 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.002 - Gilhooly, David

A frog in a sitting Buddha posture, thinking of household appliances which are drawn above the figure.

Image of 2000.004.003 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.003 - Gilhooly, David

Black and white print, figure of standing dog, comprised of many damaged vehicles (vehicles stamped on with rubber stamp); dog paw print at lower left; artist's thumb print at lower right.

Image of 2000.004.004 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.004 - Gilhooly, David

Figure of dog (looks like green godzilla) eating a Big Mac hamburger, on blue background

Image of 2000.004.005 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.005 - Gilhooly, David

Colored print, cityscape of San Francisco in large orange jello mold with wharf in foreground.

Image of 2000.004.006 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.006 - Gilhooly, David

Multi-colored print of pizza with olives.

Image of 2000.004.007 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.007 - Gilhooly, David

Shredded, printed one dollar bill centered in sheet of handmade paper with shredded money in the paper.

2000.004.008 - Gilhooly, David

Color print of yellow banana slugs in seven different mating positions.

2000.004.009 - Gilhooly, David

Colored print of frogs dancing down stairs. Some of the frogs are wearing top hats.

2000.004.010 - Gilhooly, David

Print of skull dressed in coat and tie with colored flames coming out of back.

Image of 2000.004.011 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.011 - Gilhooly, David

Colored print of man sitting at table with skeleton (playing cards).

Image of 2000.004.012 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.012 - Gilhooly, David

Colored print of three dogs.

Image of 2000.004.013 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.013 - Gilhooly, David

Profile of a cat walking. The tail is multi-colored and the body is grayish/green with a tiger-like strip encircling it.

Image of 2000.004.014 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.014 - Gilhooly, David

Profile of a dog sitting. The surface color of the dog is done in varying shades of gray and has a textural look of water drops and splatters.

Image of 2000.004.015 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.015 - Gilhooly, David

Profile of a dog sitting. The surface color of the dog is done in a splattered, multi-colored, textural effect. Small amount of splatter covering area around dog. Similar to works done by Jackson Pollock.

Image of 2000.004.016 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.016 - Gilhooly, David

Profile of a sitting dog. Multi-colored lines criss-cross the dog's body.

Image of 2000.004.017 - Gilhooly, David

2000.004.017 - Gilhooly, David

Profile of a multi-colored dog shown standing.

2000.004.018 - Gilhooly, David

Pastel toned caricature of Queen Elizabeth and assorted individuals. The Queen is flanked by various minions. Her outstretched hand gestures to a parade of odd persons and creatures bearing gifts. The faces are reminicent of drawings by artist Otto Dix.

2000.073 - Gilhooly, David

One mixed media piece: cutout of a short sleeve shirt; yellow Plexiglas frames outer edge of shirt; clear Plexiglas in center of shirt, black Plexiglas (looks like splatter) to one side of center with green Plexiglas pineapples with black leaves sprouting out top and black Plexiglas moths attached randomly.

Image of 2001.028 - Gilhooly, David

2001.028 - Gilhooly, David

One mixed media construction piece made of plastic objects, paper and plexiglass. Dancing Oreo cookies in front of "The Last Supper"